Cadence of Conflict: Asia, April 19, 2021

China is over the line. There is no way that a nation which knows its own military limits would act as China is acting. Chinese militarized ships anchoring near the Philippines provide just one example. If China had the power to invade, they would have already. Not having that power, the Chinese keep quietly pressing their luck, creeping sneakily as they have only ever been able to. This time, however, they sneaked too far.

China wants a fight more than anyone. News is the same week by week: More people hate China. China keeps pushing others around. Risk of military conflict escalates in the Western Pacific. So, the Chinese don’t think they need to change one, single thing.


Surigae, the first typhoon of 2021, could become Earth’s first Category 5 this year, now heads towards the northern Philippines this weekend // Severe Weather Europe

Trade & Tech

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Military Faceoff

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