Cadence of Conflict: Asia, April 20, 2015


China’s economy is getting “worserer and worserer”. Their progress seems to have been hyped. Then again, that could be said of everyone. Banking is all over the news—all over. But the real reasons for such economic conflict and shuffling between West and East remains unsaid. The US is spread too thin. Taiwan is focusing on military. And Japan is focusing on ISIS. Banking doesn’t seem like much news… Then again, maybe the excess of worldwide headlines about banking should be very big news in itself. Maybe the headlines aren’t as excessive as the iceberg beneath the surface.


China ‘suspends until further notice’ bank technology restrictions opposed by the US

…Indicating the real reason for China’s new bank?

…And a great excuse for the West to leave China, which already seems to be happening…

China’s incredible shrinking factories

…Taiwanese are pulling out of the Mainland.

HSBC speeds up exit from emerging markets

…More bank pulling and shifting

China GDP growth lowest since 2009

…And the Premiere is even talking about it…

Downward pressure on China’s economy ‘increasing’, admits premier

We Traveled Across China and Returned Terrified for the Economy

…Notice in the video, he says that “it” is good in the long term, though he never clarifies what “it” is. This is typical of frequent China goers who want to be allowed back into China on their next visit: Vague complements tagged at the end of a clear critique.

Beijing blocks Taiwan from becoming founding member of China-led AIIB

China rejects Taiwan’s AIIB application

Journalist Gao Yu given seven-year sentence in Beijing

…71 years old


Japan-US defence pact to include far-flung disputed islands


Military in another embarrassment

Viral PTT post: 6-year soldier and officer’s son’s 7 grievances with the military

…Bruisingly accurate critique of Taiwan’s military problem—and it’s all about Asian “Shame” culture nonsense.

As Tsai Ing-wen Enters Taiwan’s Presidential Race, the China Challenge Looms Large

…The opposition party already has their game on. With unity and a clear message, 2016 is foreseeable. If DPP wins Taiwan, Beijing’s likelihood of attack would be its highest yet.

DPP nominates Tsai as 2016 candidate

…A next day newspaper announcement.

Wang Jin-pyng bid imminent: sources

…A powerful moderate from the KMT-Nationalist party, whose party membership was under threat.

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