Cadence of Conflict: Asia July 20, 2015


“Pacific fever”—the state of forgetting which country one is in.

China is headed for an all out tailspin, economically and politically. Beijing was smart with money, courting foreign investment, and even smart with religion—allowing Christianity on the condition it did not form a de facto political caucus. The economy went up. The number of Christians soared. But China made a mistake in trying to expand borders.

During natural disasters, Taiwan helps its neighbors, Japan and the Philippines, two other countries being pushed-around by Beijing. The Communists’ old enemy, the KMT (Nationalist Party), is still in Taiwan and has remained Beijing’s primary target in the Pacific. If war breaks out, China would not be outnumbered, but they would be surrounded and out-witted by multiple enemies, each whom China has ever failed to conquer.

The “peripheries” around China—Taiwan, the man-made islands in the South China Sea, parts of Vietnam, the Philippines, and Japan, possibly even Tibet and the Mongolia claim, not to mention the way of handling the Hong Kong policy—all these diluted China’s power and alerted other countries.

The “China miracle” was not a profit, but an investment wave. Spring had activity, but harvest looks bleak.

Now, the de facto pro-Beijing KMT party in Taiwan is imploding, giving rise to opposition that wants to normalize relations with China, country-to-country, rather than all that “one-China” mumbo-jumbo. Taiwan’s KMT just nominated a 2016 presidential hopeful, a woman, probably in hopes of countering the already-chosen female candidate for the DPP opposition party, Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文).

One blogger comments on the KMT presidential nomination with nothing but a picture of toast. Other analysts note how all voices of truth within the KMT are being expelled—which doesn’t make any sense if the party hopes to reach out to the Taiwan people, raising questions of whether the party is actually campaigning in Beijing via the Taiwan elections. #PacificFever


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