Cadence of Conflict: Asia, June 8, 2015


A week of political campaigns. Imagine if John McCain were under review to be kicked out of the Republican Party for not supporting big money enough, there was no strong Republican Candidate, Hillary was already the Democratic nominee, and McCain said, “If the RNC orders me to, it would be my duty to run for President.”

That’s what happened in Taiwan this week. Wang Jin-pyng, Speaker of Taiwan’s puppet Legislator (which cannot introduce its own legislation) is hated by party bosses of his own KMT-Nationalist party. And he offered to run if the party asks him to, which, of course it won’t. That party never supports any good ideas, especially good ideas that would win favor with the people. They have been too interested in winning the favor of the Beijing Communists. Wang would be the best candidate since the party has destroyed itself with all the footsie-footsie games it played with China over the years, especially over the last decade.

At the same time the KMT-Nationalists already lost their upcoming Taiwan elections while touring China, the DPP opposition party Chair and presidential nominee, Tsai Ing-wen, visited the US State Department. This was a first for a Taiwanese presidential candidate. China probably won’t like that. Her meeting was positive and marked “no change”, two more things China won’t like.

This indicates that the controlling KMT-Nationalist party is losing all of its power in Taiwan. DPP will win the next election, China won’t be happy, and if there isn’t a war in the Pacific that starts with a Chinese invasion of Taiwan, it will be a miracle.


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…Actually passive-aggressive, he does things, which the people support, but party bosses tried to kick him out of the KMT for.

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