Cadence of Conflict: Asia, March 7, 2016


China’s political Two Sessions just finished. It is good to see concern for responsibility, enforcement, growth, and grace within China’s governance. Clean air was on the agenda. 300,000 soldiers have been cut from active duty, mostly non-infantry. The military did not get the 2.5% budget increase it wanted, only 1.5%. A number of generals are disgruntled. President Xi’s decisions related to a slow in economic growth. Macau and HK SARs were underpinned as mostly autonomous and will receive extra priority and money, raising questions about an increase in gentrification. All the while, Beijing’s Taiwan policy remains unchanged: peace, trade, but, above all, no independence; the term “family” is being thrown around.

Interestingly, China has stated it will not talk with the new president, Tsai, until her party alters its bilaws about Tiawan’s independence. China has little understanding of the difference between a party and a government since, via Beijing, they are one-in-the-same. While China remains a “frenemy” of the free world, there are lessons to be learned and 5,000 years to understand. Even a deer hunter understands the nature, instinct, and thought processes of deer. The West has not displayed the same with China, only disdain. This is probably why China wins against the West on so many fronts and will continue to do so until the West learns a valuable lesson to the wise: Never hate your frenemies, study them.

The US Navy has dispatched what has been called a “small armada” to China’s troubled waters in the South China Sea. The USS Stennis group, including the flagship Blue Ridge, are making rounds. Experts anticipate more sail-by’s.

Meanwhile, Taiwan examines its past. The most recent scandal involved questions about use of military for a warrantless search and seizure of documents relating to the “White Terror” era of genocide and tyranny of Chiang Kai-Shek’s KMT-Nationalists in Taiwan, recently defeated in elections. One man was said to be given 15,000NT$ in “hush money”, the equivalent of $450USD. Military officials claimed to have signed permission and to have followed due process. If true, perhaps the military’s purpose was to remind the Taiwanese of the past by appearing to repeat it in the eyes of some.


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