Encore of Revival: America, April 13, 2015


Both Right and Left in America have problems. The problem with American Conservatism is that, though it holds to effective values, it uses “tradition” as its defense, rather than wisdom. Not most Conservatives, but many are gruff or condescending on their soapboxes; few Conservatives care. The problem with Liberalism is that it over-prioritizes “permission to play” and under-prioritizes survival through wisdom, self-control, and hard work. Liberals demand more while disallowing what it takes to get more—the Old Testament Pharaoh’s “more bricks, no straw” policy is a prime example. Both Conservatives and Liberals talk about rights without responsibility: the right to work without the responsibility to work, the right to carry guns without the responsibility of high school militia training.

Obama was a learning experience. Elections can have consequences that are not as easy to see as was thought. The Boomers didn’t teach their children about politics. Now, the children are learning the hard way. At least they are learning. Never try, never learn; cheers to trying! Gen Y’s mistakes have taught them more than the Boomers taught them.

Hillary has time on her side, so to speak. Ted Cruz has the truth on his side. Scott Walker has the notoriety of being attacked by Obama and speaks clearly on issues. Rand Paul has a “strategy”, so he told Rush, but the strategy seems to unite Americans in the middle, rather than The People’s Party strategy, which is to promote political values without compromise, yet allow opt-outs. Other nonsense Republicans are tossing their hats in the presidential ring when they should already know that they can’t win.

Police violence is not increasing, but the reports finally are. Public outrage is overdue. Domestic conflict with police could increase soon. Much has gone on behind the scenes that’s unacceptable. Governments have focused on making the police strong, rather than instilling a police culture of humble strength—quicker takedowns and fewer regrets. The police need Jesus. We all do. We’ll find him, one way or another.

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Press Conference on Police Shooting Caught on Video Gets So Testy That Mayor Threatens to Shut It Down

…The heated press conference shows how angry the nation is about police shootings. The fact that the press keeps asking questions to people who clearly don’t have the answers means that even more Americans will distrust the press.

Just Watch How NRA Audience Reacts When Speaker Introduces Members of the Media

…More of a trend than a fringe

Exclusive–Donald Trump: Obama ‘Totally Out-Negotiated’ by Iran, Taliban, ‘Virtually Every Country in the World’

…Breitbart interview, great article.

White House admits lying to Congress and America on Iran deal

…The title may not be exactly correct, but the article is eye-opening.

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Hillary Clinton Tweets Her 2016 Presidential Bid After Aide’s Email Ruined The “Surprise”

Hillary’s announcement YouTube video, the announcement comes late, keep watching.

Netanyahu: Iran needs a nuclear deal more than anyone


Military helicopters buzz Minneapolis, St. Paul with no warning

…According to this more recent report, the military was working with police, which seems different from the above report, given at the time of the most recent incident last August.