Encore of Revival: America, August 24, 2015


The abortion videos will not have an immediate effect, though it will stir up trouble for the abortion Establishment. The real impact will be years in the future after the truth has had time to bake people’s consciences. The same thing happened to anti-work Hippies who slowly filed off and found jobs. Now, Boomers’ children have dumped their affair with non-profit and are moving into a “Make Money” movement. The Huffington Post is even talking about it.

Trump continues to defy poll predictions, “this time”—again. Regardless of the future, he has permanently trained the country that anti-political correctness is the greater political force.

The economic hickup in Asia doesn’t seem to be stopping Chicago from building “Oba Mahal”. A lot of wealthy people lost money, but only the mass media says it’s time to panic. A bounce is likely. Don’t smack any pavement. Revival is on its way.

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