Encore of Revival: America, December 7, 2015


It was a tough sell when execs from Chrysler and GM flew in to DC on corporate jets to ask for cash. That didn’t stop them from doing both. Nor does hypocrisy seem to stop governments from gobbling up the air for a costly summit in Paris, talking long past their time limits, then accusing the rest of the world of breathing too much.

Governments will have the same problem over the “clie-mate” summit in Paris. Beijing plans to launch satellites to monitor carbon from space while Beijing itself remains under smog so thick that it pegged the pollution scale a few years ago. Are Western leaders expecting the people to take this seriously?

The Paris’s hypocrisy alone has removed any expectation of cooperation from voters across the spectrum. Hereafter, climate control laws will be met with public resistance. So, why have the summit in the first place? The most likely explanation is that leaders are so out of touch that they won’t be able to deal with any problems.

Just wait until they try to tell us that aliens have landed. Beam me up, Scotty. At least the carbon footprint will be lower.


Muslims are reaching out, trying to tell the world that Islam isn’t so bad. Recent kooks among them have given Islam a bad wrap. There is one thing that many don’t seem to have considered, which would give unequivocal proof that Islam is a religion of peace: support for Israel.

The best-kept secret of Islam is that there are only two types: not Sunni and Shiite, but pro-Israel and anti-Israel; the second type only has two extremes. In anti-Israel there is only small and big Islam, there is none “peaceful”, as the West calls it; pro-Israel Islam is as peaceful as it is strong by definition, exempli gratia Jordan. The more Muslims in a country, the easier for militants to gain control and later impose their will, et cetera. Many Muslims may be peaceful who are surprised by their own religion after it gets big. Islamic ideologies should surprise no one who understands them. This is why support for Israel should be at the top of every political campaign questionnaire and at the front of everyone’s mind, Muslim, Christian, or otherwise.


The recent and swelling trend is for unlikely establishmentarians to throw Obama under the bus. Many establishments would normally support the president of their party, resume, or tenure. But, not now. Examples are National Review, CNN, Bloomberg, POLITICO, MSNBC, nat’l intel community, Sec. of Defense Ashton Carter, the Pentagon, Congressional Democrats Feinstein and Gabbard… The laundry list grows. Obama is being thrown under the bus by those least likely.


Repentance is not bad. It was the motto of John the Baptist, who lost his head to a queen tyrant. Today, people want to keep crying, “Victim!” Let them! A Wesleyan college president finally had the umph to tell a dissident that if he wants a daycare to graduate from he should look plenty of places elsewhere in the State. The president didn’t tell the student he was wrong. There is no argument here. But there is an effort in America to vilify “repentance unto hope”. Consider the implications and the motives.


“White guys” in Australia are fed up and getting organized. Since the Civil Rights movement marched, White Caucasians have remained mostly silent, congenial, agreeable, helpful, cooperative, and even trumpeted minority causes. Whites saw groups like the KKK as fringe and alien. The young adults of the 1960’s grew up, had kids who grew up and had kids who are now young adults. That new generation doesn’t even identify with the accusations they are bombarded with over the sins of their great great grandparents—sins which four generations have now denounced.

Not even God in the Old Testament visited sins past the fourth generation, but many Bible teachers do today. Finally, the White majority has had enough. They are no longer interested in being accused of the very things they hate—things which their parents and grandparents and great grandparents hate. After half a century of failing to declare victory, the angry minorities finally convinced the surrendered majority to get back in the ring. It began in Australia.

Racism hasn’t left our world. Racism and prejudice never do; they morph and change like a infection adapting to survive. Prejudice is a contagious disease that hurts the prejudicial and infects people around them who don’t even know it. It is the responsibility of every human to search out his new prejudices each and every morning; to exercise better and smarter adaptive abilities than an ever-changing virus.

Sadly, while prejudice has been smart enough to change, Civil Rights’ boilerplate has not. Prejudice and “subconscious” racism continue because they have been ignored—because they have been improperly labelled. If, truly, there has been zero progress with Civil Rights, as five decades of recycled talking points suggest, then Civil Rights needs new management that can get the job done. Perhaps if today’s Civil Rights speakers had addressed today’s issues today instead of addressing yesterday’s issues as if they were the issues of today, there wouldn’t be “White student unions” starting in Australia. But, history took another course.

The past serves us best as a rudder, not an anchor. Let the record indicate that America loves to get inspiration from Down Under. Both Hillsong Christian worship music and soon-to-be “White student unions” came to America only after they were long established elsewhere. America did not create this one; the anchor daggers drudged this carcass up from the depths of the sunken past and the Aussies swallowed the bait—hook, line, and anchor.


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