Encore of Revival: America, January 21, 2019

Trump has transformed America’s view of a “government shutdown” to a point where it could very well become a campaign promise in future elections. Not only did the shutdown become a “non-event”, it’s actually kind of nice to not have government messing with everything. If Congressional Democrats allow the shutdown to please Reagan Republican Americans much longer, political debates may even include strategy for how to keep the government closed for longer amounts of time.

It’s difficult for Americans to sympathize with the purported “horror” of a government shutdown when the lives of hard-working Americans—who work in the private sector—continue their daily lives with little to no interruption. IRS agents being out of work won’t be seen by Americans as a bad thing. If America’s “tax collectors” hoped to get back to work sooner, they probably should have followed Biblical advice—to keep out of trouble by keeping their mouths shut. You’d think “IRS agents not working” should have been kept a State secret.

While those who depend on taxpayer dollars to fund their livelihood will be angry that the milk has run dry, the shutdown won’t come close to affecting enough Americans to make a shutdown less popular in the future. In fact, the shutdown should prove to make America stronger on three levels: as a warning to government employees that the private sector is less likely to be destabilized by politics, that government and socialist -created “jobs” will eventually have the same problems in America as in North Korea, and that Americans will have to learn how to make due when government isn’t operating in its greatest glory.

Look on the bright side. If America knows how to function without as much government, we will all get through tougher times with more colors flying.

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