Encore of Revival: America, July 18, 2016


News is getting to a point of being too much to follow. The coup in Turkey failed from lack of support, both internal and public. According to a Fox News Opinion article, the coup sought to remove an anti-Constitution member of the Muslim Brotherhood. The coup supposedly failed because they took opportunity while the president was away rather than seizing him and the media. It almost stands as a warning, of sorts to the US, given the discussions surrounding the Constitution in America. What warning, specifically, is yet to be known.

Obama’s performance has single-handedly created support for Sanders and Trump and he is either unable or unwilling to reverse the escalation of violence in America. The Democratic party, being anything but democratic, doomed Sanders from the beginning, as you have read here many times. This week, Sanders finally capitulated to the Hillary machine. Trump will snatch up at least half of Sanders’s supporters when they discover that Trump says many of the same things. With the face-off approaching, they might have an opportunity where they can’t not listen to Trump anymore. Sanders captured a “never Hillary” base. The days of the “Donkey Democrats” are passing as the Baby Boomers age. People are listening and switching.

Trump chose a running mate based on the resume. There is no doubt that Pence will be advising the White House on particulars of making good policy. Bernie supporters are having as much fun with the initials of “Trump-Pence” as Conservatives did with Barak Obama’s.

France saw another tragedy and the political grandstanding script has become so wearisome that even an attempt at calling for legislation in the aftermath could turn a base against their own long-standing politician. None of the scripts seem to be working anymore. The body count is just too high.

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