Encore of Revival: America, July 27, 2015


Videos are going viral about police. They even raided Sheriff Joe’s office in Arizona—remember, the Sheriff investigating the authenticity of Obama’s digital birth certificate? US Marshals focusing on Joe could credibility to his “birther” concerns and could re-open the entire issue. The developments will be interesting. As will be the developments of a Black woman who died in prison from a “turn signal” stop that escalated when she wouldn’t put out her cigarette in her own car, as with the pregnant woman forced onto her face for not giving her last name.

Trump pulls further ahead, even though the media said it was all over. Now they’re talking “3rd party” as a real possibility, making the Republican ticket his preference, not his prerequisite. Maybe U. S. Marshals will will raid his office and shove him on his stomach after he gets pulled over for not signaling and refusing to put out his cigarette… At least some might think so.

Sadly, Whitney Houston’s daughter died. She was found drowned in her own bathtub. Believe it, the conspiracy theories will fly.

Whitney Houston’s Daughter Bobbi Kristina Dead at 22


NBC/Marist Polls Show Donald Trump Running Strong in Iowa, NH

…Even though it was “over” when he smacked McCain

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U.S. marshals raid Sheriff Joe’s office

Video shows how traffic stop escalated into confrontation

…Escalation begins after the officer asks her to stop smoking inside her car

Video of Sandra Bland’s arrest ignites firestorm of reactions

…After she was found dead in her jail cell

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