Encore of Revival: America, June 20, 2016


In tragic aftermath, Americans blame each other. Government agencies are not allowed to use the obvious as cause for suspicion. America’s president blames Americans for hatred of America, yet he can’t figure out why his popularity isn’t only sinking. Obama is becoming permanently infamous.

He is already on a down-hill train to being the “anti-president”—everything that a president should not be. He is a disgrace to the talented, brilliant Black community. Perhaps Carson’s run will serve to prove Obama’s term wrong: Black people certainly can be good leaders after all. In every other way, Obama has provided Americans with every reason to hate him.

When his policies fail, he condescends the very people who warned him. When America is attacked, he blames the victims. He has supported the LGBT community, yet freely welcomed members of a religious sect that want to kill them. Now, a sizable chunk of LGBT community members have joined Trump and taken an interest in owning firearms.

Obama failed to retain his own supporters—a large number of the very people his policies tried to “help” have turned against him.

More than that, Obama’s biggest failure is that he has not stopped the avalanche of his own failure. When he becomes unpopular, he has proven incapable of doing anything to gain that popularity back.

Obama doesn’t know when he is losing, he just keeps playing his losing tactics. That makes him the biggest loser of all. His non-unpopular days are numbered and, soon, he could seal his own eternal place in the Hall of Failing.

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