Encore of Revival: America, June 8, 2015


Politics, Church, and police are all changing. The US finally caught a terrorism suspect, it was done by local police who wanted to question him. He resisted with a large “military” knife and was shot dead.

Rand Paul voted against Obamatrade, drawing sharp criticism as much as sharp contrast with the RNC Establishment.

The Church is undergoing fundamental soul-searching. The youth leader overseeing youth ministry in the Assemblies of God had the audacity to say, “Examine yourselves,” concerning parents, pop culture, and media. We’ll see how long his job lasts.

Analysis: By design, Paul stands alone in presidential race

…So many other Republican candidates supported the NSA spying bill. This really makes them look bad and will get a lot of people thinking. Republican party is loosing its grip.

Man under surveillance by terror investigators is shot dead

…The investigation was by local police. The guy had a “large military knife”.

Christians, Examine Yourselves, Says Influential Youth Leader to Those Worried About What’s ‘Wrong’ With Millennials