Encore of Revival: America, March 28, 2016


With what happened between Cruz and Trump in Louisiana, it’s becoming less deniable why Cruz maintains a hopeless race. Isn’t it interesting how few things have helped the establishment like Cruz’s whopping failures? And, isn’t it more interesting that Cruz’s anti-establishment supporters can’t figure out how interesting that is?

American Churchianity seems to be looking for the candidate that they won’t need to hold accountable every day. They want someone they can elect and forget about. Remember all that rotgut we hear from clergy about the ongoing need for “Christian accountability”? Does Churchianity believe its own message about so-called “accountability”? Or does that apply to everyone except Cruz?

Maybe “accountability” only applies where money flows. Or, maybe not. But Cruz does seem to be the exception. His Christian supporters really seem to believe that he will need less accountability than any of the others. And that makes him the most dangerous man in America—not because of what he does, but because of what his supporters have turned him into. The same argument could be made for Trump, except that his supporters don’t seem to think he is the ideal messiah, just that he is best for this job. And, Trump supporters don’t seem to have plans for relaxation after the election.

Trump is already doing a great job of eliminating establishment waste. His candidacy has already proven that many “good old boy” jobs just aren’t needed. He is a Christian who is rarely seen on Sunday morning—something Christian “Cruzers” call a contradiction. But, Barna observed the same phenomenon: Millions of Christians left Sunday morning to know Jesus more. Now, it seems they support Trump. He also runs his campaign without a consultant, researcher, or speechwriter instructing him on which lies to tell to get elected this season. If we follow the money, we see that Trump’s loud-establishment opponents are most likely trying to keep the delusion that their own jobs aren’t unnecessary, not because they oppose his specific policies and values—they just oppose their own extinction.

Bernie hopes that superdelegates will change their vote. That would be like asking a political consultant to advice against having a political consultant. Yeah, right!

The election establishment views an election campaign speech as nothing more than a delphi technique meeting. They talk, pretend to listen and care about what people have to say, then give the people’s own conclusion to them. Whatever they say is what they think you ought to think, mixed with enough sweet-sounding nonsense so that you let the medicine go down. In their view, the public is not being very obedient. And, their Marie Antoinette complex is becoming ever more obvious.

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