Encore of Revival: America, May 11, 2015


Line in the sand. Atheists and Buddhists will soon be forced to choose between Islam and the only one who can help: Unchurched Jesus. Churchianity will be silenced without a legacy. Russia rehearsed for V-Day like a Hitler parade, China was invited. But Hillary dominates Conservative headlines.

Americans who agree bicker about different topics as if talking about the same thing: search “Megan Kelly, Bill O’Reilly, Breitbart news”.

Most preaching on Sunday is washed-over “PMA”. A positive attitude is great, but only if it is an honest attitude. The crud truck is headed for the cliff and celebrity pastors want everyone to think happy thoughts. We’ll be happy. But first we need to wake up.

Dear Bill O’Reilly: Jesus Insulted Religion A Lot More Than Pamela Geller Has

…Churchianity ain’t popular, even Breitbart is in on the discussion, but don’t hat Bill.

ISIS in America

Chinese military marches through Moscow

New AK-74M to make debut at Moscow V-Day parade

…Video: Russian military on parade!

Yemen’s UN ambassador calls for ground forces to intervene

Phyllis Schlafly: ‘It is do-or-die for America’

…The woman who stood up to the feminists on the situation in America.

Megyn Kelly: If This Is Where We Stand On Free Speech, ‘the Jihadis Are Officially Winning’

…Explains free speech, but illustrates the overall situation in America.

Why this week’s UK election will be so messy, in one chart

…Proving that third parties in politics may be possible.

Dutch Sheets on 2015

…A new level of “apostolic” grace

Int’l flight chaos feared if US stops managing Afghan airspace