Encore of Revival: America, November 4, 2019

American conflicts are hitting the fan, just like the fake trade war with China. Democratic-run cities, like Chicago and New York, face high debt and high crime rates piled up like a mountain of garbage over so many years. Trump said so, garnering support from his base and harnessing rage from his opposition. Blowback from Democrats over his anti-Democrat comments will help his poll numbers, just how anti-Republican comments from a Democratic candidate do.

While some in the Republican establishment still think that acting like a Republican will repel Republican voters, an ever-apparently, ever-larger quiet majority of Conservative-minded voters are quietly standing up to prove quite tall. People are fed up with algorithms making social media recommendations and are shopping elsewhere. Conservative voices are letting Liberal subscribers walk out the door.

LGBTQ does have more rights than before Obama, but no longer in every adoption case, according to a new Trump rule. No one should get the run of the farm, Conservative or Liberal. Gridlock keeps honest people honest.

The impeachment campaign against Trump will help him in the end. Eventually, if it continues, the Republican minority will be allowed to question the Bidens. The Democratic base will then strengthen, and many independent voters will switch to the Republican ticket for the 2020 election, granting Republicans a gain in the Senate and control of the House. As good as that might sound for Republican voters, nothing is as dangerous as a supermajority, no matter who it is. Fortunately, that’s still not the end.


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Human Rights, Civil Liberties & Privacy

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