Encore of Revival: America, October 18, 2021

America faces a deeper issue that whether vaccines can be mandated. We face a conflict between the Federal and State governments. The 10th Amendment is at stake. Mandating vaccines is not outlined in the Constitution. States can decide vaccine mandates on their own. Some in the Federal government don’t seem to agree.

Still, distaste for vaccines is not the fringe, idiosyncratic extremism that “vaxers” claim it is. With the head of the FOP in Chicago telling police not to get vaccinated, along with countless other objectors—including some 40% of Californian government workers—a popular demand to control “anti-vaxers” may be the largest minority oppressed in American history. The American Black population is only 12%, for which Democrats bend over backwards to help. With these forced vaccines—which go against their own campaign promises—the Democratic Party can no longer claim itself as the party that serves minorities.


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