Encore of Revival: America, October 5, 2015


Well, actually 14th, by quite a wide margin. No, American hunters didn’t seem to be counted in the research that tied Taiwan and Israel as having the 13th most powerful militaries. That would bump the US to second place, Russia to 3rd, China to 4th, Japan 5th, India 6th. Unless one counts the American military and American hunters in the same military. But, let’s not get distracted. Revival is coming soon to America. People are waking up.

A mess was created and then left in Iraq, which then moved to Syria. Russia is now cleaning up that mess, proving how incompetent the Democratic Party’s “poster boy” president is.

Beijing and the Pope seem to agree that Churchianity’s bureaucracy in China is not best for Chinese Christians. American Christians will soon discover the same thing in America.

IHOPKC begins a solemn assembly of fasting and prayer

American Hunters – The World’s Largest Army

Russia will succeed where West probably didn’t want to – Assad’s aide to RT

End of ISIS? Putin ‘sending 150,000 soldiers to Syria to WIPE OUT evil Islamic State’

A visibly angry Hillary Clinton just went off on Republicans for their Benghazi investigation

China’s latest ally in its crackdown on religion: the Pope

Obama offers his ‘deepest condolences’ for airstrike on Doctors Without Borders hospital in Afghanistan that left 19 dead as UN raises the possibility of a war crimes investigation

The unraveling is complete: American Apparel has filed for bankruptcy