Encore of Revival: America, September 19, 2016


The November election is becoming, in a word, “suspicious”.

A few weeks ago, DHS announced out of the blue that the elections needed its help. Obama has spoken nothing but calm, passive-aggressive condescension that angers his opponents and enrages his supporters, while continuing to destroy every scope of American government he “helps”. Why would DHS ever think elections would need help keeping the peace with Obama making such valiant effort?

Hillary stumbles as security are “too late” to hide her from the high-quality, well-placed camera at the scene. It’s not like the Clinton’s didn’t know how to “rope” the press in the 1992 election. Flash back to the Clinton opponent in 1996, Bob Dole falling from a stage. He fell, then did his polls. Funny, Hillary has had the same problem. And, why hasn’t she blamed her security as she used to? Perhaps she’s just too busy. Failing campaigns tend to be that way. Her long-time health questions are making headlines. But, why did all of this come out just in time for “October surprise” season?

In lieu of the low-tide swell in the shadow of the tsunami just before it strikes—at the last minute, just as polls are clearly taking a turn and he needs to change nothing for his victory, Trump suddenly drops his “birther” conspiracy position with no explanation for the change in rhetoric, only the fact of his position and that the discussion is closed. Did someone in a high office decide he was sure enough for victory to explain leadership 400 basics: Never criticize your own office’s predecessor, no matter how wrong he was. Trump is a self-made man. Even in his 70’s he’s never been a successor to anyone since he’s made every company he runs. He would never know those rules of succession and leadership unless someone “e’splained” it to him. And, this week, it seems that “someone” decided he finally had a good reason to.

What in the world is going on? Don’t think for one moment that it’s all a conspiracy—though someone is always trying. The deeper cause for quick changes and unexplained shifts is the greater shift: Revival is returning to America and, accordingly, everyone is in “rare form”.

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