Encore of Revival: April 27, 2015


The US has lost its position of power by pulling back the military throughout the world. But the real reason for the pull-back is lack of money. The country lacks money because we don’t have enough exports. We don’t have enough exports because our own convoluted tax system makes American-made goods more expensive than imported goods from countries with comparable labor costs and because we lack 30 million working taxpayers.  And, our tax system is convoluted and 30 million people were never born because Washington thinks that Washington is all that matters.

Banking is escalating to a worldwide problem. But that has not been America’s focus in news. The Bush family, beginning with HW’s father, a banker, Prescott Bush, has an interesting policy: Wage war, without a way to pay the wages of war. How did a banking family not think of financing? Bush family policy seems haunted by ISIS, whether in Iraq or the Mexican border. W left no device in place to prevent the next president from pulling out of Iraq. Republicans, W included, didn’t secure the border in 2005 while they had opportunity. Mexico’s border is now an ISIS target for terrorism. Why didn’t the terrorism-focused Bush family not see that coming? What good things would Jeb start that a trailing Democrat could easily unravel?

Security in the country puts child safety locks on vitamins, but leaves sleeping pills open, lying on the floor. Dems and Reps both prove who they will be in this election. The country bickers while ISIS camps on our doorstep. Limbaugh said it a few weeks ago: Republicans aren’t strong on amnesty because they agree with it.

Still, these things don’t indicate that the country will be destroyed, but that it will fall to the perfect place for revival, where we discover our greater purposes in God’s grand scheme of world history.

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