Encore of Revival: America, May 18, 2015

American spying diminishes trust among allies in Europe.  White House nuke deal diminishes trust in the Middle East.

America watched the Blessing of the Bikes in Baldwin, MI; and curse of the bikers in Waco, TX.

Taiwan’s left party (democracy, freedom) has a sole front runner, their right (fascist, Beijing-friendly) party has none. America’s left party (democratic, Marxist) has a sole front-runner, their right has too many. America’s fate is tied to Taiwan in the Pacific with China as much as it is with party politics, so it seems… and it also seems to be tied to a stage being set for revival.

Germans are still digesting their complicity with America’s digital spy agency

White House: Gulf leaders not snubbing President Obama

…Shep: “If it walks like a snub and it talks like a snub, it’s a snub, isn’t it?”

US House passes RIMPAC Taiwan rule

…If Beijing practices with US Navy, so can Taiwan, Beijing won’t be happy.  · · · →

Encore of Revival: America, May 11, 2015

Encore of Revival: America, May 11, 2015

Line in the sand. Atheists and Buddhists will soon be forced to choose between Islam and the only one who can help: Unchurched Jesus. Churchianity will be silenced without a legacy. Russia rehearsed for V-Day like a Hitler parade, China was invited. But Hillary dominates Conservative headlines.

Americans who agree bicker about different topics as if talking about the same thing: search “Megan Kelly, Bill O’Reilly, Breitbart news”.

Most preaching on Sunday is washed-over “PMA”. A positive attitude is great, but only if it is an honest attitude. The crud truck is headed for the cliff and celebrity pastors want everyone to think happy thoughts. We’ll be happy. But first we need to wake up.

Dear Bill O’Reilly: Jesus Insulted Religion A Lot More Than Pamela Geller Has

…Churchianity ain’t popular, even Breitbart is in on the discussion, but don’t hat Bill.

ISIS in America

Chinese military marches through Moscow

New AK-74M to make debut at Moscow V-Day parade

…Video: Russian military on parade!  · · · →

Encore of Revival: May 4, 2015

Encore of Revival: May 4, 2015

Police, vitamins, children… all invite solutions without Jesus. Nannying through Liberalism and political correctness seem to be the best most can do. As Western society slips into sophistry, Islam is preaching the wisdom of virtue and morality; the most virtuous will survive because, essentially, virtue is about survival.

This is the best kept secret on Sunday Morning. Churchianity is sleeping and doesn’t wake up to tell people to wake up. SCOTUS talked a little about survival as a species during oral arguments on homosexuality and how to have children. Few voices are providing real solutions to our problems.

Maybe it’s good to have society break down, given other choices people won’t reverse. Churchianity wants to keep paying pastors and building buildings instead of paying missions and outgrowing buildings too fast to build new ones. Preachers are talking about positive mental attitude rather than the approaching crisis. Society talks about their “rights” rather than how to survive.  · · · →

Encore of Revival: April 27, 2015

Encore of Revival: April 27, 2015

The US has lost its position of power by pulling back the military throughout the world. But the real reason for the pull-back is lack of money. The country lacks money because we don’t have enough exports. We don’t have enough exports because our own convoluted tax system makes American-made goods more expensive than imported goods from countries with comparable labor costs and because we lack 30 million working taxpayers.  And, our tax system is convoluted and 30 million people were never born because Washington thinks that Washington is all that matters.

Banking is escalating to a worldwide problem. But that has not been America’s focus in news. The Bush family, beginning with HW’s father, a banker, Prescott Bush, has an interesting policy: Wage war, without a way to pay the wages of war. How did a banking family not think of financing? Bush family policy seems haunted by ISIS, whether in Iraq or the Mexican border.  · · · →

Encore of Revival: America, April 20, 2015

Encore of Revival: America, April 20, 2015

Police violence and opposition are becoming a hot topic in America. The country is divided. Few offer real solutions. Many police are good. Racism is a problem, but is either exaggerated or belittled by politicians, media, authors, and speakers. Police training is a key problem—training must prepare officers to not be so domineering that they lose focus—training must instill habits of short-n-sweet apprehension that doesn’t leave an officer living in regret for taking a life. Eric Garner should not have died for evading cigarette tax.

Priorities are off. Leaders want to obscure political parties with irreconcilable ideologies and to erase political boundaries between non-congruent nations. The Mexican border has been abandoned from a bipartisan Establishment with a de facto desire to force a merger of the US and Mexico. At the same time, ISIS is reported to have a base only 8 miles from our largely abandoned Mexican border. “Amnesty” Republicans are unelectable, as 2012 told Romney.  · · · →

Encore of Revival: America, April 13, 2015

Encore of Revival: America, April 13, 2015

Both Right and Left in America have problems. The problem with American Conservatism is that, though it holds to effective values, it uses “tradition” as its defense, rather than wisdom. Not most Conservatives, but many are gruff or condescending on their soapboxes; few Conservatives care. The problem with Liberalism is that it over-prioritizes “permission to play” and under-prioritizes survival through wisdom, self-control, and hard work. Liberals demand more while disallowing what it takes to get more—the Old Testament Pharaoh’s “more bricks, no straw” policy is a prime example. Both Conservatives and Liberals talk about rights without responsibility: the right to work without the responsibility to work, the right to carry guns without the responsibility of high school militia training.

Obama was a learning experience. Elections can have consequences that are not as easy to see as was thought. The Boomers didn’t teach their children about politics. Now, the children are learning the hard way. At least they are learning. Never try, never learn; cheers to trying! Gen Y’s mistakes have taught them more than the Boomers taught them.

Hillary has time on her side, so to speak. Ted Cruz has the truth on his side. Scott Walker has the notoriety of being attacked by Obama and speaks clearly on issues. Rand Paul has a “strategy”, so he told Rush, but the strategy seems to unite Americans in the middle, rather than The People’s Party strategy, which is to promote political values without compromise, yet allow opt-outs. Other nonsense Republicans are tossing their hats in the presidential ring when they should already know that they can’t win.

Police violence is not increasing, but the reports finally are. Public outrage is overdue. Domestic conflict with police could increase soon. Much has gone on behind the scenes that’s unacceptable. Governments have focused on making the police strong, rather than instilling a police culture of humble strength—quicker takedowns and fewer regrets. The police need Jesus. We all do. We’ll find him, one way or another.

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