Cadence of Conflict: Asia, April 27, 2015


Nepal needed immediate help after an earthquake, but Nepal turned away Taiwan’s aid from fear of Beijing; India, China, and Pakistan were invited to the party. Russia agrees to sell missiles to China, setting off alarms, some too loud, others not loud enough. Eyes are turning to Taiwan.

Some claim that the West would not defend Taiwan if attacked by China because Taiwan isn’t important enough. But, others explain that losing Taiwan would encourage Beijing to go farther. Regardless, China’s growing reputation precedes it more and more. And more eyes turn to a growing shadow that creeps toward Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Top Aricle

Don’t Let China Swallow Taiwan

…It would only encourage China to continue. Know why!


Hundreds of Chinese Cities Don’t Meet Air Standards, Report Finds

Iran backs pipeline to China under ‘One Belt, One Road’ initiative: ambassador

ASEAN avoids confronting Beijing

…Taiwan was ready to help Nepal in the aftermath of the recent earthquake, but Beijing said no.


Shinzo Abe expresses ‘deep remorse’ for Japan’s WW2 actions at key summit


China’s New S-400 SAM: Implications for Taiwan

…Possibly an overreaction

Alarm Over China’s S-400 Acquisition Is Premature

…Why the overreactions are overreactions

Paper on Parade: Yes, Chinese tourism is screwing over Taiwan

…It’s economic and environmental.

Ex-premier Jiang loses Supreme Court appeal

…He could be charged with attempted murder.

Reactor shut down after fire at 3rd nuclear power plant

…Nuclear power is unpopular in Taiwan, especially after Fukushima. It was a secondary key topic in Taiwan’s Sunflower Movement.

Taiwan’s All-Volunteer Force Pains: There’s a Way Out

Taiwanese Military Reform and PLA Political Warfare

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Capitulates to the Communists, No Free Elections

…Even making headlines in US-related opinion blogs