Cadence of Conflict: Asia, December 7, 2015


A day which shall live in infamy.

While the world pauses to remember the day the US was provoked into entering WWII, the headlines paused over China the week before. All eyes, including Thailand’s, are on violence from the Mid East.

China and Taiwan swap spies. US and China swap hackers. China and Russia swap satellites. Reporters swap sympathies and memos. And everyone is supposed to think that there will be peace that lives alongside infamy. But that’s only for those who forget.

Though quietly at times, the Cadence marches on toward Pacific conflict.

Syrians with links to Isis ‘entered Thailand to attack Russian interests’ (UK )

U.S. opposes China-Russia space arms treaty (WA Times)

The Chinese yuan won’t become a global reserve currency any time soon (QZ)

Xinjiang, Terror, and China’s Contempt for Freedom of the Press (CPI-Nottingham)

…Complete with anti-Israel boilerplate, but otherwise an informing read

The ‘Spy Swap’ That Wasn’t (Taiwan Thinking)

The US and China agree more steps to fight cyber crime (Computer Weekly)