Cadence of Conflict: Asia, May 11, 2015


Taiwan makes headlines in KMT-Nationalist-related corruption, KMT president hopeful Chu reportedly speaking as if Taiwan is part of China, and China “droning” up to attack.

The Pentagon reports China preparing to bomb Taiwan, saying “Preparing for potential conflict in the Taiwan Strait remains the focus and primary driver of China’s military investment,” weighing cost and benefit like a business transaction.

Russia invited China to V-Day’s military saber-rattle parade. Japan rattles their own sabers, buying Osprey helicopters from the US and being as loud about it as possible.

China slams Japan for not being sincere enough in apologizing for WWII… While Beijing prepares to start WWIII over an island half the size of Lake Michigan.


China preparing for Taiwan conflict: report

U.S. May Sell 100 Ospreys Abroad: Official

…including India, Singapore, Australia, Japan

Chu goes there?

…AP reporter in Beijing forced to retract… journalism’s inside baseball

If the Unthinkable Occurred: America Should Stand Up to China over Taiwan


China planning to build 42,000 drones, report says

A Rather Lackluster Performance by Xi During Meeting with Chu

…Chinese President Xi, Taiwan President hopeful shake hands… Why would this picture make anyone in Taiwan want to vote KMT-Nationalist?

The Superior Rationality of the Rational Party

…KMT and CCP talk shows their elitism

Taipei to report Ma, Lee to justice ministry

…This KMT-Nationalist Taiwan president (Ma) refused requests to pardon the previous president (Chen) for alleged illegal money, now he stares down the same tunnel.

…a stadium hosting a hoard of scandal now overshadows Taiwan’s KMT-Nationalist president.

Officials disagree on Ma prosecution

KMT-CCP FORUM: Xi touts ‘one China’ with solicitous Chu

…the next day…

Chu aims to clarify ‘one China’ remark

…the next next day…

Council admonishes Eric Chu

…the KMT-Nationalist 2016 hopeful.

Journalists protest lack of access to legislature

…suggesting that the KMT-Nationalist-controlled legislature wants to keep secrets from press they don’t approve.

Netanyahu forms Israeli government ahead of deadline

…Israel appearing in Taiwanese news again.


China to slow as ‘migrant miracle’ ends

Russia, China sign raft of deals in Moscow

…6 billion credit line for Russia

Chinese troops filmed marching in Moscow


U.S. to sell 17 Ospreys for GSDF

Chinese paper slams Japan for lack of WWII contrition

…a bitter histoy