Encore of Revival: America, April 7, 2015


The “Memories Pizza” shop in Walkerton, IN drew much attention the week of April Fools’. The controversy will have ramifications that reach far beyond the issues themselves. This could be the beginning of arousing and informing the “Religious Right” in America.

Rush Limbaugh explained that many people are unaware of how the press conducts and exploits interviews. ABC’s channel 57 may receive some backlash from their own industry, or even their own affiliates, as this story has likely reduced general trust that the public has often placed in the press.

The Right and Left both responded. The pizza shop has reportedly received threats in the wake of the story. Over $500,000 were raised by Friday last week in support of the pizza shop.

Indianapolis’ Republican mayor, Greg Ballard, spoke out against Indiana’s new Right wing Religious Freedom Restoration Act that the controversy seemed to center around. This shows disunity among the Republican Party and increases the likelihood of a third party.

The Right views the response from the Left as hypocritical, citing the violent threats as a contradiction to their desire for tolerance. The Left views the Right as being provocative in their support for the bill and similar laws.

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