Cadence of Conflict: Asia, April 7, 2015


When viewing China as a corporate conglomerate attempting a hostile takeover, with the goal of complete market monopoly in every sector, Asia’s conflict only starts to make sense. But the problem goes deeper. According to credible, anonymous reports, there are “mental health conditions” that are frequent in Chinese-Asian culture.

Specifically is the belief that, “If another individual does not join our group (family, organization, business, club, etc.) or otherwise comply with our unilateral demands, then that other individual is proactively and maliciously attempting to change our group’s destiny. Then, our only option is to either dominate that other individual at all costs, even at the expense of our own goals and/or survival, and to sever all communication except communication for us to achieve our ‘unchangeable destiny’, which is for that individual to join or obey us one way or another.” Because of the adamantine, unabashed, and costly determination to hold to this kind of belief, this recurring belief may be an ideal candidate for a clinically-certifiable personality disorder.

The frame of mind is no different, whether dealing with business, purportedly “Christian” church, family, or politics. Because it is so common in Chinese-Asian culture, it may be less likely to receive proper diagnosis. Ironically, this frame of mind goes against Christian teaching, but is no different among Asian Church leaders and Western Christian leaders have largely surrendered on the issue. Some call it “Pride” or “Shame”.

Politically, China’s international and domestic policies exhibit this perfectly. China has a long, documented history of oppressing the press and free speech. China is evermore increasing military spending and aggression wherever possible and mostly where convenient. China continues to claim and pursue territories it does not control and even disputes more territory than it controls. Yet, China has neglected their own environment to levels well beyond the scope of talking points in US political discussion on the environment. Economic and political corruption and Human Rights violations within their own borders are out of hand. And, according to credible anonymous sources, Beijing believes the solution to their internal problems is to achieve control of free speech and control of territories they do not currently occupy.

While conflict with Russia has related to difference of opinion over economic, political, and social policies, the conflict of China v Asia came from a personality disorder.

This week, Air Force, flight lines, banking, and free speech were key topics. The environment was an issue as always, this time close to Mongolia, another territory in China’s history of unresolved disputes. And even more voices are warning of a war, which the Symphony believes already began with Myanmar.

Top Stories

US Marine F-18s Land at Taiwan Air Base, Beijing Protests

…On April Fools’ Day?? US jets needed maintenance in Taiwan. They were serviced in DPP Mayor William Lai’s city. Symphony independently arrived at the same conclusion in the closing remark,

“By some accounts, the landings may have been a calculated move by the U.S. to signal its commitment to the region amid increasing assertiveness by the PLA.”

Hornets & Apaches

…Air Force ironies in Taiwan. Typical dual message news stories, same week: The US can get military help from Taiwan, Taiwan’s military is undisciplined—what is Beijing to think? This is reminiscent of the US sending 250 soldiers to one of the northernmost parts of Australia to watch China, Obama: U.S. to send 250 Marines to Australia in 2012—how was Beijing to interpret that?

China’s Coming War With Asia

…Book review and opinions of top experts. It’s getting serious and so are the warnings.


How the New York Times is eluding censors in China

…In depth about the press wars…

Tibetan Monk Released From Miayang Prison After Seven-Year Jail Sentence

…And repression is still alive and well.

Relational Repression in China

The Reawakening Rebelliousness of Chinese Youth

China continues to have environmental issues…

Why do individual Chinese participate in environmental governance?

Dozens Held After Pollution Protests in China’s Inner Mongolia

China Steps Back

…About China’s new bank. Watch closely. Some governments may feel threatened.

US welcomes AIIB, still supports other development banks


Report: DPP resolute on its resolution for future

…But the DPP is not vague on their view of China: friend of the family, not family. China won’t be happy.

The Politics Behind Taiwan’s AIIB Bid

…Taiwan is involved in China’s new AIIB bank. It gets interesting.

Investment in China rises to new highs

Concerns expressed over Chinese spouses’ voting

M503 Might Just Be the Beginning

…Symphony viewed the beginning in Myanmar, others are predicting the beginning about that same time.

CAA reports no deviation from new M503 air route

…History of the air rout

Officers face probe after Apache breach

…Leaked photos

Ma instructs ministry to review military discipline

Parties At Odds On Reforming the Constitution


Myanmar to Hold Six-Party Talks on Constitutional Change

…Constitutional change seems to be in the East Asian breeze

North Korea

North Korea declares no-sail zone, may be preparing missile launch


Four situations laid out in new U.S.-Japan defense guidelines, including collective action

Hong Kong

Hong Kong student leaders’ ‘fatigue’ hindered fight against HKU disaffiliation vote

‘We shall not be moved’: Hong Kong activists keep Occupy’s protest presence alive

…Typical transition as the spirit of a movement disperses, “un-institutionalizes”, and becomes an intangible part of society.


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