Encore of Revival: America, August 31


Trump is the father America never had. More every day, slams and smears resemble an angry 16 year old trying to get back the keys to the car. Trump answers like a dad who says, “If you want to drive the car, you have to wash it and change the oil.” Americans who grew up in single-family homes and with disrespected fathers don’t know how to respond.

The spy who hacked the Clinton’s is found dead. The Clinton’s are almost as angry about the hacking as MI6—which raises its own questions. When did the Clinton’s and MI6 agree about anything? Not to worry, the British government is investigating whether the spy was able to lock himself in the bag he was found in. A yoga expert was brought in to try, though he failed. Does this foreshadow that Hillary’s ability to lock-in her own election has been hacked?

Ben Carson closes-in, but not against Trump; against the other hopefuls. A Bloomberg poll reports Carson as the most favorable second choice in Iowa. Remember, the Vice President presides over the Senate. If trends continue, Trump will likely choose Carson as VP, merely for being the second-place runner. Americans already seem to agree: The country needs a President who knows business and the Senate needs a brain surgeon.

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