Encore of Revival: America, September 7, 2015


The counterintuitive results from Trump are not only a critique on American politics, but on the management style taught in corporate America. And, this has serious implications for the Church since seminaries teach pastors from much of the same management style. Of course the establishment is surprised that a self-made success has the support of Blacks and Hispanics. It would be wise if the establishment gave the public more credit than to be so surprised all the time.

The forgiveness of abortions from the Catholic Church will initiate widespread repentance over the abortion issue. It is one more step along the way to revival. Reform always trails repentance.

Tebow is out of football. He just didn’t make it this year. Maybe Christians will follow his lead. A next career is foreseeable, as with many acclaimed, retired athletes. Moreover, it seems almost to be a symbolic foreshadowing—if you can’t do the work, you can’t play in the big leagues. #MakeMoney

Debbie “Blabermouth” Wasserman Schultz demonstrates how Limbaugh gave her the nickname. Explanations for bad decisions are usually long-winded, whiny, and boring. Her appearance on CNN was no exception, like a child begging mom to let her do what she knows is a bad idea. She’s reportedly the 16th Jew to support the Iran deal. But, that’s okay, she cried while explaining her reasons. Everything people do when they cry is right, right?

Revival has its own tears. But those are real tears that result in right and wise actions. And those tears and those actions are coming. They are.

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