Encore of Revival: America, December 28, 2015


The trouble with so-called “sovereign citizens” seems to be spreading from America to Canada. It’s no longer able to be blamed on people who merely believe that the US Constitution is the Constitution of the US. But, the elaborate and well-researched KC Star article seems to miss one point: The connection between angry citizens and angry terrorists is anger, more specifically, anger against Israel.

If we consider all the information, Trump shouldn’t just try to stop Muslims from coming into the country; he should stop Israel-haters from coming into the country because they have the stronger history of violence. This is probably why Trump still can’t defeat Hillary hands-down in the Rasmussen polls. Trump to Hillary decisions don’t seem to have changed since October. It’s still too far out and too hard to tell whether 2016 will be showing a blue or red November.

Obama’s administration is planning to deport about 100k illegally immigrated families it deems dangerous, and giving plenty of notice. The press can’t stop talking about it and the stories are consistent. Many of these families already have court orders that they leave the country. Whether or not this is just a publicity stunt, whether Obama is doing a 180-turn, or whether he only thinks there are 100k dangerous Latin Americans in America, his new policy indicates that he knows that the people know that he knows that he needs to listen to the people.

Immigration is not the only storm in the Americas. Water and wind are wreaking havoc in North and South America.

And, the Southern Baptist President addressed an audience of 15,000 young people in Kansas City at IHOPKC’s annual OneThing conference. He made it abundantly clear that he did not agree with them on theology, but that he agreed with them on prayer and that he was there because the nation needs prayer so badly. His charge was to lead with hope. The audience welcomed him and his message with open arms.

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