Cadence of Conflict: Asia, January 5, 2016


No one is happier today than Beijing. More hoops for law-abiding gun owners to hop through means an easier cakewalk if China invaded it’s number one enemy. Without the logistic ability to invade the US, all of China’s antics in the Pacific, including landing the first plane on their man-made military islands, are dead in the water. Fortunately for Beijing, Obama is doing his part and with more persuasive words.

Perhaps Beijing could learn from Obama. Never argue with people who buy ink by the barrel. Apprehending Hong Kong publishers who speak out against you isn’t exactly the way to convince their readers that you don’t over-reach. While Obama introduced more background checks on guns, Beijing might consider background checks on books.

PRC military flights seen as likely to new Spratly sites (Taipei Times)

Obama: U.S. needs ‘sense of urgency’ to fight gun violence (CNN)

North Korea Conducts Successful Submarine Missile Test (WFB)

Hong Kong leader ‘very concerned’ over missing booksellers (MSN)