Encore of Revival: America, February 1, 2016


Donald keeps making headlines. Just ahead of the Hawkeye Cauci, two polls report Trump and Cruz in a dead heat, the rest give Trump a 9-ish point lead. But only Iowans know how Iowans will caucus. Corn could a problem for Cruz. He may have gotten his message out too late. Or, perhaps too may Iowans like government subsidies for Cruz to ever win. Or, maybe ethanol doesn’t matter at all.

We’ll see. So will Microsoft. And so will Bernie see whether Microsoft sees clearly. This is the first time the election results are being calculated by the tech giant, inviting watchdogs. There are a lot of firsts in this election.

Trump’s absence at the Fox debate didn’t seem to matter to anyone but Fox—before the debate. And it didn’t seem to matter to anyone else before, not even Fox during or after. Debates themselves are being tested as to their worth, other than profitability. Thought-to-be campaign rules are being set on end so much, it is as if the Andrew Jackson campaign were making a comeback. Strategy books will write about these times, placing Trump alongside Drew, Abe, and Theo.

RCP Iowa polls

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