Encore of Revival: America, February 15, 2016


Senior Supreme Justice Scalia died days after ruling against Obama. Cause of death is presumed and unchallenged, similarly to the legacy Obama wants. There will be no autopsy. There will be questions. One should pray for the health and safety of one’s adversaries in order to reduce questions. Obama wants to uphold the Constitution in appointing a nominee; will the nominee?

Sanders argues Constitutional compliance in the president appointing the next Supreme Justice. Does he know that he is a Democrat? If Sanders wanted to be fair and get rid of the 1% control, why did he choose a political party that gives extra delegate votes to the 1%? He won New Hampshire, but gained fewer delegates because of the system in the so-called “Democratic” party, having “superdelegates”. The Republican party treats all votes equally, and has given at least lip-service defense of the Constitution in a day when the Constitution seems to have many adversaries.

Perhaps someone should inform Homeland Security that Obama and Sanders have become sudden advocates of the Constitution. But, that would raise more questions.

You already read it here first: Sanders will lose to the Clinton machine. Sanders and his supporters asked for the superdelegate problem when they chose the so-called “Democratic” party. Smart people tend to win at things; not-smart people tend to not win. Frankly, serves them right. But, no one should be surprised that none of them figured out that this would happen ahead of time.

Liberals  can’t tell the difference between opinion and fact when their own opinions are involved. In this, they are unabashed as much as they are unaware. Conflation of opinion and fact, leveraging bully pulpits to impose bias, shamelessness—these are all indications that one has lost the argument and hasn’t yet figured out that one does know it.

While Pacific Daily Times will continue to interact with Quartz articles, because they have good quality writing, nonetheless bias and open about it, we now know with certainty that it is a Liberal blog. Breitbart, openly Right Wing establishment-ish, and The Blaze, more pure Conservative, are banned from the Times because of heavy website load times and for no other reason.

Perhaps Liberal blogs operate at a profit loss while Right Wing sites use establishment advertising methods that bog-down web resolve times. It’s a shame, what all periodicals involve. But, it indicates a shakeup and, among other things, that revival is returning to America.

You read it here first: Trump in New Hampshire, Trump is positioned to get some of the Sanders vote in the general.

Nation to State, the Federal Justice department is suing Ferguson, MO. This sets a precedent for the next White House to sue Chicago over corruption. North Korea is also cracking down on its leaders; one general was reported executed. Such are the ways of top-down politics. The high GOP turnout in New Hampshire is a bottom-up phenomenon. That’s the difference.


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