Encore of Revival: America, January 25, 2016


So, Vanity Fair thinks Hillary can’t be stopped. So, if she loses, will Vanity Fair readers disappear? Probably not. The reason a Democratic 2016 election is impossible is simple: Obama.

Trump trumps all. Read the numbers. Listen to Jeb and Rubio whine. Cruz attacks, Trump responds. The GOP nomination is over. Can Trump defeat Hillary? It’s a “Job-creator vs Dynasty” election. Hillary stands no more chance than Jeb in the primaries. Democrats and Republicans tend to flip-flop dual terms. Some people remain incredulous. So, we’ll see.

LA is having trouble with STD’s. And it’s actually news. More non-monogamous sex, more STD’s—what’s there to report? The news is that the LA Times reported on the LA problem with STD’s. So, promiscuity leading to STD’s is news in LA. That’s the real news.

Real Clear Politics Polls… Trump leads at 34%; Cruz 18.8, Rubio 11.2 Carson 8.4

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… “dynasty” politics

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