Encore of Revival: America, January 5, 2016


Obama’s speech was quite long-winded as he rebutted strong arguments he knows are coming against him. He also used the old Harvard debate tactic of claiming that his opponents agree with him, but of course not giving them the microphone. He is using executive order to make laws that Congress has already rejected. He is trying to make guns traceable through technology.

Individual ability to sell guns is in question and may not hold up in court. Imagine not being able to sell a car without a dealer license. There must be another way. Among those “better” ways includes enforcing laws already on the books, which he apparently hasn’t been doing. If Obama enforces his own executive orders as well as he enforces gun control laws already on the books, then there won’t be anything for gun advocates to worry about.

The bigger problem with restricting guns is China. No one is happier than Beijing. Not even the most radical Democrats and Liberals are as pleased with Obama’s gun laws as the Chinese Communists. Perhaps being in the direct line of sight for China’s attack has some bearing on why Oregonians have taken over a federal building.

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