Encore of Revival: America, July 30, 2018

Days after Trump meets with Putin and doesn’t mention Snowden, the NSA finds “many issues of non-compliance” in handling data, which was part of Snowden’s initial concern. It seems that a way may already be finding its way for Snowden to return to the US in relative peace.

Just after the worldwide worry machine was all in a tizzy about trade wars with the EU, the US and EU have almost all their issues resolved and are working to make things much better than they were before.

The “bug” in Putin’s soccer ball is part of an app device from Adidas, not a surveillance device from Russia’s FSB.

The “made in China” Trump products either 1. go back to the pre-presidential campaign Trump business in which Trump learned about China up close and personal as a trader himself or 2. are unaffiliated knock-off products made in China to resemble actual Trump campaign products, but Bernie Sanders doesn’t know the difference between the real and the knock-off.

Now, the Leftist press is going after SCOTUS nominee Kavanaugh’s wife. There is a gross hypocrisy here since the Leftist press didn’t go digging through the correspondence of Clinton’s mistresses. When Congress did hold an inquiry about Bill’s love life through Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr, the Leftist press jumped to write it off as “personal”. It doesn’t seem personal anymore, or is it getting too personal?

The reason for going after Kavanaugh’s wife is lack of evidence against Kavanaugh. This goes beyond “grasping at straws”. The implosion of the press reached a new public demonstration of insanity this week, so the weeks to come are only likely to get more entertaining.

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