Encore of Revival: America, June 22, 2015


Technology could be the undoing of the greedy. The US government was hacked because it is run by people who don’t understand computers as well as they understand bribes and crony capitalism. Congress showed that ignorance and more this week when talking to it’s own bureaucracy and it didn’t ‘t like the non-answers it trains its bureaucracies to give others.

Committee members clearly don’t know what questions to ask about cybersecurity or how cybersecurity even works. “Why wasn’t this information encrypted?” is asked about information that was encrypted or was created by the government before our modern security systems were created and Congress did not update that security. And, “Can you assure the Federal workers that you are going to implement all the recommendations that the IG recommended to you, yes or no?” is asked about recommendations that should not be blanketly implemented without ongoing consultation.

This is the same Congress that is trying to regulate the Internet.

But Congressional ignorance aside, the Chinese are more ignorant. For years they have made attacks because they “can” rather than because they “should”. The dominant effect of hacking the US was not to gather any strategic information about America’s people or their government, but to wake them up.

This will rouse the public to support unilateral action against China, both in military and economics. This will hurt trade agreement efforts, both for Chinese companies and big business America.

This will also harm the Federal government’s ability to hire people.

As Trump announces. He is the only Republican with more China experience than Hillary and he as no voting record to haunt him. He’s got deeper pockets and a thicker spine than Romney.

The shake up of America has begun. As the scaffolding we depended on for so long collapses under these mild tremors, we are learning how strong we have been—and how unnecessary that scaffolding has been—all along.

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