Encore of Revival: America June 29, 2015


SCOTUS defined two institutions it has no jurisdiction over: marriage and health care. Marriage is not an institution of government, it’s an institution of religion. With the court’s opinion on Obamacare being what it is, the State and the Federation are one in the same and “Obamacare” is now “SCOTUScare”. This could result in activist States arguing that State Supreme Courts, therefore, have just as much jurisdiction as the Federation’s Supreme Court—not true, but it could go there.

Marriage should not even be a State issue, but a personal, religious issue performed per County and recognized globally. Giving any higher government a say in core family definition paves the say for large companies to commandeer people’s private lives through government. All those people in support of same-sex marriage could lose it all in a future election because they gave up the power of personal choice in order to get what they want more quickly. Pairrage proponents and opponents equally lost, they should have vied to have government get out of the marriage issue altogether.

Defining marriage through a court or legislature is not a decision that can last. Power reverses. Bush created the spying empire that Obama exploited. Today a king, tomorrow crucified. Tables turn. Now, marriage could require a heavy tax and homosexuality could be banned altogether—depending on the whims of whose in charge.

Churchianity and homosexuals both did themselves in with this one, Churchianity sooner because “Church Mahals” will soon lose their tax-exempt status. Homosexuality will fall under greater scrutiny in sections of the country that disagree about a decade down the road.

Trump seems to trump candidates and headlines. Univision will be sued by Trump, not for disagreeing, but because it was poorly handled. It seems that Univision was caving to “coolness” rather than smart thinking to handle problems. Limbaugh’s sponsors pulled a few years ago over Sandra Fluke; they lost, and Limbaugh’s audience mushroomed. If Univision was right, this was not the way to handle it. That’s where they went wrong. They should know better. This looks like narrow thinking.

The Greco economy is the doorstep from the collapsing Middle East into Europe. Closing the banks on Monday is a big deal for Western Civilization.

More conflict is swelling in America. Confederate flag controversy is finally becoming widely known, which is long overdue. The scab has been picked off the wound on both racial tension and punk police having made a bad name for honest police.

The real trend to watch is for Churchianity to be replaced with informal Christianity and the economic challenges to be addressed with a “Make Money” movement.

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Trump Tweet: Univision apologized to me but I will not accept their apology. I will be suing them for a lot of money. Miss U.S.A. contestants are hurt!

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…The doorstep to Europe from the Middle East. This could start WWIII in Europe.

‘Finish the mission, kill slave masters’

NYPD cops punched, kicked and scratched in attacks (VIDEO)

Michigan Teen Videotapes His Own Murder – Officer Not Charged

…It’s all in the first five seconds of the video: He did NOT have his brights on! That’s the reason for the whole thing, to prove that point. We believe him. He didn’t have his brights on.