Encore of Revival: America, March 9, 2020

Though he still would have lost, Sanders would have been the best candidate against Trump because he represents everything Trump is not. But, either the DNC establishment or the country doesn’t side with Sanders’s socialist values. In all likelihood, the DNC move away from Bernie is related to its move away from other hardline socialists in their ranks. In other words, the battle of ideologies might already be over.

The 2020 election is now in full swing. Even the Wuhan 2019-nCoV coronavirus demands a response to please November. Perhaps that’s why Democrats defended Joe Biden so avidly during the impeachment process. Perhaps they always planned to have him as their front runner and nominee. Perhaps they know that socialism loses elections, even more since capitalism has been given an extra try over the last three years.


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White House

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News Media, Journalism & Free speech

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Human Rights, Civil Liberties & Privacy

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Foreigners & International Relations

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Prices, Rates, Oil & Food

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You’re Kidding

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North America

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