Encore of Revival: America, May 25, 2015


Changes can be slow at first, but can speed up without warning. An approaching tsunami can be announced by an unusually low tide, which seems harmless until it’s too late. Watch for the trends in America and don’t let yourself get fatigued.

Freelancing is on the rise, indicating that America’s economy is naturally changing into standard labor practices of Jesus’s millennial reign. Everyone should work for himself and drink from his own vineyard. By already moving in the economic direction Jesus will establish, America is already laying in a foundation for lasting economic success.

Jesus’s way is always the best way, though teachers rarely understand. Learning Bible also seems to be decentralizing as Christians grow more and more dissatisfied with Establishmentarian Institutionalism dominating their Bible study and friendships with God.

By relying on a labor force of millions of independently-interdependently operating skilled individuals, the economy will be flexible and adaptive enough to survive and even thrive in the difficult days ahead.

40 Percent Of Americans Will Be Freelancers By 2020

Is The Future Of Work All About Freelance And Independent Workers?

America’s First Openly Bisexual Governor Bans Gay Conversion Therapy in Oregon, Ex-Gay Group Calls Bill ‘Child Abuse’

…It only affects licensed therapists, not personal conversations. Why are Christians so worried about psychotherapy anyway? Just talk to people and it’s not a problem. This surmounts to the dog crying when smacked with a rolled up page from a newspaper.

Young Leaving Churches That ‘Abandoned Belief in Authority of Scripture,’ Says Head of World’s Largest Pentecostal Denomination

…Written from Jerusalem, re: Empowered21 Global Congress