Encore of Revival: America, October 25, 2021

Democrats are playing the Fool as perfectly as they always do—lots of posturing, promising, talking about the big wounds Republicans ignore, and then doing everything to make everything worse while their voters praise them for help. It irritates and excites the Republican base, opening the seas to welcome a Trump type who will actually get things done.

That’s how the Republican base sees things. The Democratic base keeps singing the lyrics from Tupac, “Still, I see no changes,” then still keeps on voting for entertainment to continue.

But, Senator Joe Manchin has about had enough. He and Bernie are against the bankrupt-us package of $3T pushed by POTUS and the entertaining Democratic Party. Mother Jones needs a lot of money fast, but broke the story on how Senator Joe might leave the DNC in order to not harm the party. Caught off guard, Joe Manchin arrived at the public position that it would be to save face for everyone—but even that had no takers from any of the ever-entertaining Democrats.

While Democrats bicker, Trump blows up Wall Street. The stock market literally had to shut down when he made a business move. Mainstream news—which is anything but profitable these days—would still have us think that Trump doesn’t matter, no matter how much Wall Street knows he does. Could the term “histrionic” apply somewhere?

Remember the good old days when Trump’s Twitter account was talk of the town? This is what happens when a president gets censored in a country with free speech.


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