Prelude to Conflict: Asia, August 18


Israel disappeared from Taiwan’s headlines while Iraq takes the new spotlight. It couldn’t last forever and, after more than a month of Taiwan learning about Israel every day, it doesn’t need to continue.

China, South Korea, and the US are angry that Japanese ministers visited their own Japanese war memorial. Should this be interpreted as the world having newfound permission to complain about what China, South Korea, and the US do within their own borders? At least China should mind any more if the US and South Korea criticize Beijing’s own internal policy.

More trouble in Taiwan with rain and explosions, though not as big as the Kaohsiung blast that shook the controlling “Nationalist” party from China.

And now, the Pope pipes-in.

Pope sends message to Beijing as China bars Catholics from attending South Korea event

Pope beatifies 124 in Seoul, praises faithful

At Least 10 Injured After Police Fire on Tibetan Protesters

Who’s Waving Those CCP Flags (and Beating People Up) at Taipei 101?

…Taiwan’s sunflower students who eat suncakes get beat by Taiwan’s police, but the Executive Branch doesn’t know who was responsible. Communist China flag wavers, in violation of Taiwan law, are ignored.

Hundreds join anti-Occupy Central run ahead of march

…800,000 Hong Kongers vote for an open system of voting, 1.4 million sign a petition with the word “Democracy” in the title, and 880 “Anti-Occupy” runners show up before 8:00am… The 880 deserve the headline according to SCMP. “Hundresds of Thousands”, nor “Over a Million”, but “Hundreds” is a good headline. Read the South China Morning Post.


MOFA urges Japan to reflect on its conduct during World War II

With Eye on China, Japanese Premier Skips War Shrine

…kindly overlook the headline error: Japan does not have a Premier, but an Emperor and a Prime Minister.

Wake of Kaohsiung Explosion

Cabinet mulls special petrochemical zone

Sindian gas blast kills two-year-old

Rain overwhelms flood-diversion channel in Tainan

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