Cadence of Conflict: Asia, January 1, 2021

It’s happening. Biden is battening down on China. The Chinese still think they can push their diktat in the South Sea and the East Sea and the Taiwan Strait and the Indian Ocean. Rumors spread in America of China helping Biden steal the election. That won’t help China get the support of the American public. Quite opposite, as Americans turn on Biden, accusing him of his own diktat, he will feel the push to prove that he’s not afraid to hit China where it counts. So you see, China may have helped install the very president most likely to create the most trouble for China.

Evidence points that he’s already going there. While weapons deals halted toward the Saudis and the UAE, they are right on schedule for cute, adorable, cuddly, lovable Taiwan.

But, America is not Taiwan’s only friend. Nor, is Taiwan the only territory that doesn’t like China’s diktat. Vietnam, the Philippines, India, and Japan won’t ignore any Chinese aggression in their back yards. And, with the British all ready with their HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier group, they could sweep into a Chinese sea contest after everyone else is bloodied and give their own diktat.

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