Cadence of Conflict: Asia, July 13, 2015


With China’s economy failing, the Chinese KMT-Nationalist party living in exile at Taiwan may have made a mistake in trying to merge the fates of the New Taiwan Dollar with the Chinese Yuan. Election time in Taiwan could mean a political “pay day”. China is in financial crisis.

Weapon sales from the US to Taiwan have stalled during the tenure of Obama and Ma, Taiwan’s president. Both elections are in 2016 and analysts are wondering why the US won’t deliver on its sales to Taiwan. The obvious answer seems to evade experts and pundits. Even with America’s failed negotiations with China, the Pentagon doesn’t seem stupid enough to sell weapons to a nation run by leaders who don’t know how to explain their own foreign policy. The Pentagon delivery service will deliver once Taiwan clearly announces which country should appear on the shipping label.

In the meanwhile, China’s bad economy seems more scary than Greece’s. The “China miracle” wasn’t ever any generation of wealth, but only a massive investment flow reported as a massive profit in a country that declares the value of it’s own currency. Somehow, the foolish Capitalists of the West overlooked the problem of freely investing in a market that doesn’t allow free markets to determine the value of the money after it’s invested, Taiwan notwithstanding.


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…Basically arguing that not selling weapons to Taiwan is “illegal”. The unstated explanation why the US doesn’t sell arms to Taiwan? Imagine the Pentagon’s perspective: If KMT’s demonstrated intentions continue, Taiwan would return to China, and all the US arms would go with it.

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