Cadence of Conflict: Asia, June 6, 2015


China moves more and more with money. The economy is crashing, largely due to the Communist doctrine that citizens do not own land—something we rarely read about.

China also gears up for both war and investment contingency. BRICS was ratified this week. New national “interests” rhetoric and policy came from Beijing, implying war against Taiwan more than recently.

The Taiwan problem comes from documentation. When the Japanese surrendered in 1945, they gave up Taiwan, which China had surrendered properly to Japan. But Japan never stated who they were giving Taiwan over to, technically rendering Taiwan an already independent State. Taiwan has been fought over by China’s Communist party after China’s KMT-Nationalist party was forced to find a place to live in de facto exile. Both Communist and KMT-Nationalist parties seem to be attempting to rewrite history, as the Taiwan education fiasco shows.


China’s national security law gives PLA mission to protect overseas interests

…Old rhetoric, made more official. More than sabre rattling, this is unsheathing and re-sheathing. Addresses investment, military, space, sea, and “protecting overseas interests… through military action if necessary”.

China ratifies the creation of BRICS bank

China passes sweeping national security law, but legislation ‘will not be directly implemented in Hong Kong’

China is trying to “open up” its stock markets and control them at the same time

Chinese investors are blaming the US for their stock market drop

Hillary Clinton sets sights on China rise in hawkish speech

Hong Kong

‘We don’t want Hong Kong independence’: July 1 march organisers refuse to side with localists

Thousands join pro-democracy march on Hong Kong handover anniversary


Teachers urged not to use new books

…Accused of, more or less, re-writing history, showing that accurate history telling is a growing controversy under the current government.

Students rally against altered curricula

…Apparently, this is a really big issue.