Encore of Revival: America, April 2, 2018

Washington is moving against corporate giants. Gear up.

David Hogg is under ad hominem character assassination from multiple directions. He curses and is disrespectful. He advocates action to be quick and to stop deliberating, not removing the 2nd Amendment. Other anti-2nd Amendment students are being conflated with Hogg’s position. The reason for this partial Right Wing, mad-dog assault on David’s character is unknown, except that he is the loudest and easiest target while people in close social proximity to him are Leftists. It should be the other Leftists, not David Hogg, that the Right Wing should focus on.

The anti-ad attack against Laura Ingraham would normally fail, except that she’s wrong; colleges are just stupid much of the time. She seemed to be part of a mindless Right Wing attack against David because her defense of bureaucratic colleges is rare form. This seems very unlike the Conservative media. Her apology seemed more like a cave-in and demonstrated that she doesn’t really have a direction. The apology didn’t do any good since advertisers pulled anyway. The lesson here is two-fold: 1. Ingraham should have stuck to her statement, no matter how silly, expounded on the whole situation—not apologized—, and thus at least gained a sense of direction. 2. Never apologize when a hypocritical media asks you to. Public apologies for statements in the media have now proven to be permanently useless.

The Christian concept of an apology is forgiveness. Suddenly, Mark Zuckerberg took this approach, indicating that he may have a moral center after all, even with Facebook’s censorship of some accounts. Jesus taught us to love our enemies and to give justice to everyone; silencing “bad people” isn’t justice to everyone. If someone is bad, the Facebook community of users should see why. If Facebook censors an account it should be for posting incriminating content only. But, the people who demand apologies want admission of guilt, not restoration, because they are part of an anti-Christian attack on everything good in this world. This week, the Right Wing got caught up in the mindless mob-think in attacking David Hogg’s character.

This means one thing: The People’s Party is coming.

Stormy Daniels is promoting her story in a way that makes perfect sense if her goal is to get media attention. Her story could be true or false and this “marketing” method would still hold true. Lawyers promote her interviews as one would a movie. They talk about money. She promotes her social media connections. And, she has commented that her bookings are up. It’s just interesting how much business she has gotten from this and it will be more interesting to see how it pans out.

There is a gross contradiction, however, with Stormy Daniels and the Left. Being a porn star, she is hardly a moral judge. More importantly, the Left Wing did not attack Bill Clinton anywhere near as much.

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