Encore of Revival: America, August 15, 2016


Phelps got his 23rd gold, breaking his own world record. He wants swimming to continue to grow in his “wake”. Formerly seen as a “sissy” sport, this will have an impact on America’s culture.

One app maker is determined that Trump will win. If the reports are correct, Bush and Obama administrations squash truth-tellers in the military. That certainly explains what the heck happened in the Mid East. But, it also explains why an app developer asking normal people questions could know more about the upcoming election than the establishment-sanctioned “experts” running polls.

Sometimes, understanding politics isn’t a matter of pleasing professors, but being able to listen to people. Being good at whatever we do means being good at something. Right now, not many top dogs in Washington seem to be good at what they do. So, it only makes sense that a New York businessman with no political experience might actually be the least unskilled man for the task. At least, a growing number of certain app users seem to think so.

Phelps making waves matters socially as well as politically. If America was all bad or our enemies were all right, Phelps wouldn’t have been able to do what he did. His championship won’t cause the coming tsunami of sweeping American victories; it’s more of an indication or a prophecy, in a sense.

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