Encore of Revival: America, August 17, 2015


Trump is the talk of town. Obama is getting donations to leave. Both have plans recently revealed: Trump to deal with immigration through never before seen competency; Obama to network with the wealthy for a $1 billion postpresidential infrastructure.

Foreigners living in America could lead to domestic unrest in more ways than one. Not only is illegal immigration a concern at the southern border, Chinese seem to be disappearing and Obama isn’t happy. Beijing got a warning this week and the White House wants suspicious Chinese to get out fast.

Hillary’s 60+ emails with classified redactions are raising more eyebrows. She shouldn’t be front and center for political potential talk anymore. Concerns should turn to China as well as the economy.

Money forecasters smell trouble, some from China’s slowdown, as well as from dipping commodity markets and international money such as Britain’s 77-month bull, Greece, and the overrated BRICS group (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa)—all indicating smoke on the horizon. Economically speaking, Obama’s tenure wasn’t all it was “trumped” up to be.

It seems that Trump is a godsend in the eyes of immigration experts, economists, and his friends who really, really liked his immigration proposal he revealed on Meet the Press.

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