Encore of Revival: America, August 20, 2018

John Brennan, the former CIA director, was part of the Obama administration. His views are part and parcel of pro-Obama, anti-Trump groupthink. What does a former CIA director need a security clearance for anyway? He’s not directing anymore—at least he shouldn’t be. Though he accuses the sitting president of treason, he has his own security issues, questions of treason being among them. His opinion is anything but objective, impeccable, or unbiased.

The supposed impeccable Robert Mueller’s investigation is going nowhere. It was going nowhere at warp speed, but now is slowing to a snail’s race. The New York Times is going over the top with one of its greatest “BS” articles ever. The recent and controversial article on Don McGahn doesn’t have much substance, though the style is that of breaking news.

Giuliani is right, there is an attempt to make Trump enter a perjury trap under the guise of testifying. That would be the only purpose of Trump testifying under the groupthink sentiment Brennan became the face of this week. The anti-Trump groupthink already sees Trump as guilty, not of treason, but for not being pro-Obama. To them, the sentence ought to be greater than that of treason. By speaking out and seeking to maintain his security clearance even though he is no longer director, Brennan is demonstrating how far the Russianewsgategate scandal network weaves.

Most of what developed this week was marketing. Brennan’s public statements put him in the perfect position to launch a book, already having dramatized himself as the new champion of his groupthinkalikes. If he announces a book, it could have a success overnight. Then, we have the BS article in the New York Times. At last, we have the most incredible claim ever made by Russian hack conspiracy kooks: that they will believe whatever is true based only on what Trump says in a perjury trap because they haven’t yet made up their minds. Yeah, right.

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