Encore of Revival: America, August 9, 2021

Greed is off the charts. Key holders and masters of ceremony are showing their true colors. Apple reportedly profits off apps that charge money either for nothing or with shady sales terms, including casinos hidden in children’s apps. Rich and powerful, including Obama, party in large groups without masks, all while lecturing the world on vaccines and masks during a resurgence of COVID.

The greed is being seen for what it is, on full display. It exists among the very leaders trumpeting a strange kind of globalism where those leaders own even more, they obey fewer rules, create even more rules for everyone else, and where everyone else has barely enough freedom to walk to a park as the only way to enjoy the outdoors. Many would call that servitude. And, about half of American society that would be subjugated by it also applaud it—even while the greed of the would-be slave masters sets on full display.

This can indicate only one thing: God is about to put the humble on fuller display, then conquer this evil already on display. God will first show an infinitely better kind of globalism, cleaning earth by empowering more travel, knowledge, buying power, and other freedoms for all people—a “green model” the greedy elites never suggest. It will be led by Jesus when there is no more church because Jeremiah 31:34 and Hebrews 8:11 will have come to pass—when no one teaches another to know the Lord because everyone will know who brought this not-yet-discussed, true globalism. The secret will start with enforcing what Jesus was expelled for in Nazareth; the secret will be to enforce Jubilee. And, 2021 is a Jubliee year.


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