Encore of Revival: America, Dec 9


Progress toward foreseeable nation-wide revival in America has moved a lot since the last edition of the Encore in August. Michael’s Brown’s police shooter had just been named by the department. The first Ebola victim had been cured. Protests were beginning in Pakistan. And ISIS was on the rise.

Now, this recent Ebola episode seems to have peaked, as police-related “excessive force” protests are still peaking, being reported from New York to Chicago, even DC. Mike Bickle was approached by an influential man with four US Presidents calling the nation to pray. Limbaugh appeared in a rare interview on FOX to discuss the recent national turmoil. Yet, leaders in media and Chicago clergy paint the protests as “race” related rather than “excessive force” and Drudge headlines focused on sex scandals over the weekend. Where have national priorities gone?

Financially, America is spread so thin that it will take a miracle if the nation’s ability to keep world peace doesn’t evaporate within the next two years. That miracle is likely because, though slandered and misunderstood, Americans who have kept prayer as one of their primary corporate priorities around the nation will likely respond. But it is predictable that the Lord will shake all the auxiliaries and “pet projects” in business, the Church, and government, until we realize that national stability is not to be taken for granted, but is the result of our priorities being aligned with wisdom.

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